Time to sign a Contact with yourself

Alexander Matyushonok
2 min readMay 29, 2021


I gained my Master degree in Public-Private Partnership, hereinafter — PPP, management (my deepest respect and gratitude to everybody who were a part of this period). Each and every discipline was pure joy, thanks to the people spending their days making PPP projects fly and nights trying to teach students how to do it.

Right at the beginning of the very first semester some classes were mandatory for all students. Introduction to PPPs, obviously, was one of them. One day, or late evening to be more precise, during these classes we came across so-called goal-oriented contracts in construction.

It is a special approach to contract management based on making the Contractor to provide specific results of specific quality within the specific timeframe spending even more specific budget on them. Conceptually it doesn’t matter what method the Contractor will use. He has to provide a key-based solution. By all means, there has to be an ethics and compliance section in the document. However, the central part here is to reach the goals.

Once I dived deeper into the topic, I realized that goal-oriented contact approach could be applicable not only to development projects, but also to my life on the whole and its specific parts in particular. For example, back then I was quite skinny and wanted to gain some weight. So I started treating myself as a Customer, who signed the contract with the specific goal of gaining 10 kg of muscles. Guess what? The whole attitude to my sports routine changed. I hired a personal trainer and he supported me a lot. A couple of months later I gained the weight that was stated in the contract.

Obviously, it is not a sophisticated case at all, but at the same time it is simple and easy to understand. Just sign a contract and respect its terms till the very end. Treat yourself as a Customer who is crucial for your business called “Life”.

Customer is King.